Re: idle timeouts with telnet session through LVS

To: Dave Tyson <Dave.Tyson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: idle timeouts with telnet session through LVS
Cc: lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Julian Anastasov <uli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 19:51:53 +0300 (EEST)

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Dave Tyson wrote:

> Hi,
>    I have just setup a LVS system to try and equalise the load of a group
> of sun servers running Solaris 2.6. I have got LVS working fine (using
> the 2.2.15 kernel and appropriate ipvs patch). I am using direct routing
> with wlc and a weighting value to reflect the performance of each server.
> At present I am testing and have noticed that telnet sessions established
> via LVS seem to timeout after about 15 minutes idle time. This does not 
> occur if I connect directly to one of the servers. There seems to be no 
> reference to this in the various FAQ's and notes. We definately would want
> to alter this timeout value to something > 8 hours to avoid flak from
> users. 

        On the director:

        ipchains -M -S 36000 0 0

        36000 is 10 hours TCP timeout. man ipchains. You can try
with different value.

> Anyone else seen this and found a solution ?
> Dave


Julian Anastasov <uli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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