Re: Virtualizing services.

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Subject: Re: Virtualizing services.
From: Roberto Nibali <ratz@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:33:19 +0100
Hi Rahul,

> Right now all i know is that there will be the
> following entities whether clustered/loadbalanced or
> single systems.
> central servers
> --file server(s)
> --database server(s)
> possible node servers (get configurations form db
> servers, and data from file servers)
> --nt web server(s)
> --linux web server(s)
> --linux mail server(s)
> --..
> Would linux virtual server project help me in any way
> to acheive this..?

Achieve what?
> Basically i need a failsafe servers in the central
> area.

Aha, ok suggestion for the deploy of LVS with DR:

o you load balance your web and mail server in the
  first tier.
o you load balance with a second NIC but same LB in
  a separate net the database server for requests 
  from the webservers over their backinterface.
o get the HA software from and some
  replication software to keep your db sync'd.
> If any one can offer any expertise and/or would like
> to join the project, please reply.

Basically I only talk for myself but I think you just
try to setup/design the system and ask specific questions
in this list. For your setup there is nothing I could
think of that would not be solvable so go for it and
start it and when you're stuck you ask the specific 
questions and I'm sure someone on this list will already
have solved the problem and will certainly give you 
the correct advice. 

However, I'd offer you to draw the 2 Tier architecture
design with the LVS so you get an idea how you could
make your network setup as HA as possible.
HTH and best regards,
Roberto Nibali, ratz

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