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Subject: Re: debian/
From: Paul Baker <pbaker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 11:42:52 -0500
Paul Baker wrote:

it runs as the postinst script of the ipvs debian package and goes through everything to configure it.

I'm thinking about what the debian postinst script should do for the wouldbe 
debian package.

It could start off like:

Please choose the type of LVS system you want to use:

Then it would ask what is the VIP.

Then it would ask what services you want to have. And out of the box it could offer like HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SSH, whatever standard things people set up.

Then it would ask if there is more than one director, and if there is it would go into setting up heartbeat and failover between the too.

Then it would go through and for each service you picked, it would ask you what the ips for each real-server are. Then it would set up mon appropriately etc etc.

Of course all these details should be worked out AHEAD of time before anyone actually starts to try and implement this thing. People that use Debian have very high standards. Debian has this thing called "Policy" and if LVS were to release a real full blown debian package it would need to fit into this Policy otherwise all the time spent on it would be in vein.

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