Using LVS to change destination MAC addresses

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Subject: Using LVS to change destination MAC addresses
From: "jac" <jac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 19:36:41 -0400
    I am trying to figure out a solution to this problem.  My ISP assigns me 3 IP addresses via dhcp.  I have a network of 10 computers masquerated behind the ip address of the firewall, no problem there.  I have 2 servers that are connected directly to the internet using dhcp.  I would like to move the 2 servers behind the firewall and use 1:1 NAT.  Everything is fine but my firewall only has 3 interfaces (LAN,DMZ,Internet) and my ISP will only assign 1 IP per MAC address. I've been reading the lvs documentation and think that it might help me solve this.  Is it possible to use LVS in a DR configuration to forward all pack recieved on 2 interfaces to another interface on the LAN.
internet---| hub  |---------------------------|     FIREWALL   |
                 |  |
                 |  |
                 |  |
               LVS Director
So basically the LVS Director will get 2 IP's from my ISP via DHCP (always the same address) and any traffic recieved on those 2 interfaces will get retransmitted on the lan with the MAC address of the firewall as the destination (then the firewall performs the NAT and everyone is happy). Is this a possible configuration for LVS, it is the closest software that I could find to do such a thing.  If possible how should I configure the LVS director?
Thanks alot,
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