linuxvirtualserver virtual servers?

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Subject: linuxvirtualserver virtual servers?
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Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 14:52:10 -0500 (CDT)
hello all,

firat, i've been happily using lvs (and web-gui-disabled piranha) for
quite some time--especially happy to be using it in my clients' corporate

now for my problem:

high level description:

        i'd like to be able to use 2 physical pieces of hardware
(primary/failover directors) to support multiple NAT segments.  the
requirement is that different sets of the real-servers would not be
visible to each other.

        i.e.  something like this:

| Directors
|       |primary|                       |failover|
|       (real ip's)                     (real ip's)
|       eth1:                eth1:
|       eth2:                eth2: (usually not pres.)
|       eth3:                eth3: (usually not pres.)
|                       (virtual ip's)
|                       eth1:0 =
|                       eth2:0 = (usually not present)
|                       eth3:0 = (usually not present)

| RealServers Group 1
| ip's:         192.168.0.X
| nm: 
| defgw:

| RealServers Group 2 (usually not present)
| ip's:         192.168.1.x
| nm: 
| defgw:

| RealServers Group 3 (usually not present)
| ip's:         192.168.2.x
| nm: 
| defgw:

i've been looking at projects like vserver and other options, just looking
from feedback from teh project.


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