Linux Cluster

To: wesong@xxxxxxxxxxxx, lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, aaaa@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Linux Cluster
From: Alexandra Alvarado <aaaa@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 17:42:00 -0500
Alexandra Alvarado wrote:


I'm Alexandra Alvarado from Ecuador, I need to implement a cluster for mail server, like this:

2 computers active - active for smtp server
2 computers active - active for pop3 server
2 computers (NAS) active - failover for storage

The idea is to have the information of the mails (/var/spool/mail and /var/spool/mqueue) in the
nas servers both with the same information (online replication).

In the 2 Pop3 server I want to mount that NAS file system for pop3 read the mail information
and if one NAS is down the other comes up inmediatly.

Until now I'm using keepalived with lvs in proxy server and firewall but I'dont know how to
implement the mail server service. Can you help me please?


Alexandra Alvarado

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