multi-directors share the same VIP?

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Subject: multi-directors share the same VIP?
From: "Aihua Liu" <liuah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 15:9:42 +0800
  Firstly, I thank Julian, Horms, Joe, Matt, Malcolm 
very much for your discuss about my previous problem.
  I want to use multi-directors share the same VIP.
They process the packets for VIP simultaneously. Thus
I can use multi-directors with active-active mode, not
master-backup mode. 
  multi-directors share the same VIP can be implemented 
by using the same MAC and IP address at the directors. 
I broadcast the client requests to all directors. Each 
director filters the packets it don't care and only 
processes some of receiving packets, just like windows 
NLB(network loadbalance).

  How about my idea?

  I think this can work for LVS-DR, not for LVS-NAT. 
Because real servers don't know to send responses to 
clients through which director.
  Please let me know if anyone has some suggests or new 
idea. Thank you

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