Re: ldirectord resiliency

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Subject: Re: ldirectord resiliency
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Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 15:13:29 +0100
James Bourne wrote:
I've got an a rare problem with ldirectord. Every now and again the perl process just quits. I see nothing in the ldirectord logs nor system logs. It seems to occur if I am taking real servers on and off of line frequently.

The net effect is that the cluster just stops. heartbeat is still running but it hasn't realised that its ldirectord resource has vaporised - hence I get no failover.

I'm on RH9 w/ all the latest heartbeat, ldirectord and kernel patches.

What can I do to debug / address this issue. Should I be looking into DJB's daemontools or similar ...

Any help / pointers greatly appreciated.




I haven't come across the problem before but for other reasons I normaly change :

sub ld_stop

and remove the commands that clear the lvs table.

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