Re: IP: Netfilter & IP: Virtual Server ConfigurationDuringKernelCompilat

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Subject: Re: IP: Netfilter & IP: Virtual Server ConfigurationDuringKernelCompilati
From: "linux loader" <irwan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 20:40:36 -0700
>It looks the ipvsadm's version you have used is too old.   
>I suggest you install a newer version such as ipvsadm-1.2*.   
damn, i was doing a silly mistake! i should take the 1.2* version not the 1.1* 
version. thanx for correcting me, i never realize until you told me.

then, i successfully install the ipvadm. when i try to run the ipvsadm, it 
appears like this:
root@lvs-director:~# ipvsadm
Can't initialize ipvs: Protocol not available
Are you sure that IP Virtual Server is built in the kernel or as module?


    -no feeling no regret-

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