Recommended version of ldirectord?

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Subject: Recommended version of ldirectord?
From: Todd Lyons <tlyons@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:07:16 -0700
Hello Horms, I have been using ldirectord for quite some time and am
very happy with it.  I was wondering if there are "optimal" matches of
heartbeat with ldirectord?  I use heartbeat 1.2.3 and ldirectord version  I haven't compared HEAD to what I'm running, but I will.

I think one feature that ldirectord should have could be a lifesaver. *
This feature is a config test directive.  Something as simple as a
nightly cron job that runs ldirectord config-test and mails the results
to an admin could prevent big problems.  No output means ok.  Any output
should be the error that would be generated if an ldirectord start were
issued.  I want to generate this patch against HEAD unless someone has
already done it or it's already in HEAD or by the time I'm ready to
start on it tomorrow, someone has already done it.

* The reason I think this is so good is because we had a load balancer
failover this weekend and the entire site was down for a few minutes
because ldirectord start failed with a config file error.  The error was
with the line:
  real = smtp1->smtp4:smtp gate 100
The reason it's an error is because smtp1 and smtp2 have .240 and .241
for the last octet, and smtp3 and smtp4 have .238 and .239.  The
config error was that the "ending" IP was before the "start" IP.  It
wouldn't have been a big deal if I hadn't been camping on the beach
miles and miles away from a computer.

Comments?  Feedback?
Regards...              Todd
we're off on the usual strange tangents.  next will be whether
it is ethical to walk in your neighbor's open house if they're
running ipv6:-).                                  --Randy Bush
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