Re: traffic between LVS clusters

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Subject: Re: traffic between LVS clusters
From: Joseph Mack NA3T <jmack@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 17:15:21 -0700 (PDT)
On Fri, 29 Sep 2006, Rodney McKee wrote:

I'm looking to have http traffic from 3 real servers from one site
access 2 real servers for another site using the same director.
We are looking to have the main site issue requests to a second
clustered layer and I was looking to setup a second VIP with associated
real servers and have the traffic load balanced using the existing LVS

I don't really know what you're doing, but Tom's posting gave me a few hints (still might be barking up the wrong tree).

You can have a director with two VIPs, each VIP associated with its own set of realservers. The realservers associated with one VIP, should be able to have client processes (calling from the RIPs), connect to the 2nd VIP on the director and be forwarded to the second set of realservers. The machines in the 2nd LVS (first set of realservers as clients, the 2nd VIP and the 2nd set of realservers) are all on one network - see "one network LVS-NAT" in the HOWTO.


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