[lvs-users] LVS LocalNode + Port Redirection

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Subject: [lvs-users] LVS LocalNode + Port Redirection
From: David L <dave@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 08:32:25 -0700
Hello all, I'm hoping to get some help with a LocalNode issues that I am 
having.  I hope this is not a run-of-the-mill issue that has a FAQ 
answer that I goes..

Single Interface LVS running 2.6.24 and ipvsadm 1.2.1 and keepalived 1.1.15

Director IP:

Listening Daemons: *:25 *:2525

Director Routing Table:
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt 
Iface   U         0 0          0 
eth0       U         0 0          0 
eth0       U         0 0          0 lo         UG        0 0          0 


Iptables rules:  -t mangle -A PREROUTING -d  -p tcp -m 
tcp --dport 25 -j MARK --set-mark 0x2

Network and routing between client and director is properly configured 
and functional.

What I would like to do is allow traffic from the client to to be load balanced to *both* listening daemons on and (or other local interface, lo?). 

Now I have read 
which stated that port mapping (or re-direction) is not possible with 
"LocalNode" however I was hopeful after seeing this:

This seems to indicate that this was worked on and functional back in 
Jun of '05. Did this make it into ip_vs?

Is there any way to get what I am looking for done?

If the above is not possible, is it possible to setup a group in 
keepalived.conf to LB traffic to a handful of listening daemons on lo:1, 
lo2:, lo:3 even if it has to be on the same port the client originally 
connected to? If this is the case would I number the lo:2 with the same 
IP as the VIP?  (I know that for LocalMode to work, based on the docs, 
the daemon must be listening on the VIP)

Basically the over-all idea that I am testing is for DR (Disaster 
Recovery) purposes.  The idea is to have a traditional LVS-NAT setup for 
a mail cluster where the real servers are in fact real servers getting 
traffic via LVS wlc. However, if we experienced a loss of 60% or more of 
our backend real-servers I would like to flip the firewall mark and have 
the traffic sent to a handful of local services that are essentially 
proxy servers to another physical location. (I cannot add the DR real 
servers to my keepalived.conf due to the fact that they are in another 
physical location thus LVS cannot be their DFG.)

Appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone may have!


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