[lvs-users] Quiescing busy realservers

To: lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [lvs-users] Quiescing busy realservers
From: Guy Waugh <gwaugh@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 13:29:10 +1000
Hi list,

I have an LVS-DR service managed by ldirectord with 6 Windows 
realservers running IIS. I have been using "checktype=negotiate" setup 
whereby the "request" is a script that logs in to the application on the 

Of course, when a realserver is down, the "request" doesn't get a valid 
"receive" string, so ldirectord rightly takes the relevant realserver 
out of the IPVS table.

The application running on the realservers is very resource-intensive, 
and has a built-in "Server too busy -- come back later" mechanism that 
kicks in when a realserver determines that is it too overloaded to allow 
any new connections. However, the application can continue to service 
existing connections.

The application owners have asked if there is anything we can do to 
quiesce realservers that are in the "Too busy" state (i.e. continue to 
service existing connections but redirect new connections to other 

I see that there is 'feedbackd', which looks pretty much what I want, 
but it looks pretty linux-centric.

What are other people doing about this sort of thing?


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