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From: Juanlu <foroae@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 00:47:56 +0200
Thanks for your work. Impressive.

El 06/05/2010 23:05, "Alexandre Cassen" <acassen@xxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

Hi folks,

Just this quick email to pop up new keepalived release. I would just like
to thanks Vincent Bernat for his time spent fixing pending bugs !

Next step is VRRPv3 supporting IPv6, it is on its way in my current devel
git tree need to found out time to complete debugging steps... :)

ChangeLog for this release is as following :

2010-05-06  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
       * keepalived-1.1.20 released.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>> extended ip/route
         framework to be able to add route or ip address if they
         already exist.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>> fixed broadcast
         address display.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>> extended genhash to
         display an error when giving an incorrect IP address.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>: When parsing
         "blackhole" route, also parse IP mask.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         On reload, destroy signal pipes before recreating them.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         Fix SMTP checker adding himself repeatedly in the list of
         failed checkers.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         Handle non-existant default interface in VIP definition.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         Remove alive real servers when quorum is lost.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         Fix a segfault when a virtual_server is empty.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         Add real servers to new member of a virtual server group
         on reload.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         Keep previous effective VRRP priority on reload.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         Fix VRRP script not running any more after reload.
       * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
         On reload, keep status for all VRRP scripts.
       * Removed IPVS Kernel 2.2 support



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