[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] VRRP IPv6 ready !

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Subject: [lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] VRRP IPv6 ready !
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From: Alexandre Cassen <acassen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 17:48:40 +0200
Hi guys,

Just push to the git repo a new branch called 1.2.0. It extend VRRP
framework to support IPv6 operations.

While using VRRP in an IPv6 environement, ones can specify IPv4 and/or
IPv6 VRRP VIPs. You can also choose to use VRRP signalization protocol
plane to v4 or v6.

It would be nice if some users can give it a try and provide feedbacks.
Next step in my IPv6 duty, will be to add support to IPVS IPv6 framework
through generic netlink channel (well: when I will find out time since
this done during spare time).

ChangeLog for this brand new release looks like :

2010-05-31  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
        * Branch 1.2.0 created. This branch will host all new
          developments on Keepalived. New code will be added
          in here only.
        * VRRP : Add support to IPv6 protocol. The global framework
          has been extended to support this branch new family !
        * VRRP : Implement IPv6 Neighbour Discovery protocol (NDISC).
          In IPv6 gratuitous ARP doesnt exist since ARP is IPv4 only.
          NDISC can provide the same feature by sending so called
          Unsolicited Neighbour Advertisement. A node can send such a
          protocol datagram in order to (unreliable) propagate new
          information quickly (rfc4861.4.4). NDISC build an ICMPv6
          message with taget link-layer address option, this option is
          set icmp6_override flag to indicate that advertisement should
          override an existing cache entry and update the cached
        * VRRP : Extend ip address framework to be IPv4 and IPv6
          independant. An ip address, as defined in framework, is
          now {IPv4,broadcast} or {IPv6}. Use struct ifaddrmsg to
          store and prepare netlink related operation. This clean-
          -up the code.
        * VRRP : Extend parser to support IPv6 declarations. IPv6
          and IPv4 addresses can be configured inside the same
          configuration block (eg: virtual_ipaddress or
          virtual_ipaddress_excluded). An instance can run IPv4 and
          IPv6 addresses at a time, this can be useful in dual-stack
          env (since this will become certainly the most common use
          case in the next years).
        * VRRP : Extend netlink framwork to support IPv6 addresses
          interactions (reflection/addition/deletion).
        * VRRP : Extend finite state machine support IPv4 & IPv6
          at a time.
        * VRRP : Extend protocol helpers to support IPv6 multicast
          related. AF_INET6 SOCK_RAW tweaking it done through
          socket API instead of PF_PACKET header building... This
          makes code cleaner.
        * VRRP : Set default VRRP instance protocol to be IPv4.
          you can use configuration keyword "native_ipv6" inside
          vrrp_instance configuration block to specify that you
          want to use IPv6 for VRRP multicasting protocol instead.
        * VRRP : Extend socket option related helpers to support
          IPv6 specifics.
        * VRRP : Extend protocol scheduler and dispatcher to
          support IPv6.
        * VRRP : Extend socket pool to keep track of socket
        * VRRP : Cleanup protocol offset pointer by removing
          duplication code...
        * VRRP : some code clean-up...


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