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Subject: [lvs-users] localnode question
From: Dean Scothern <dean.scothern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 13:13:01 +0000

Is there a way to either disable or bypass the localnode behaviour in ipvs?

I'm trying to build a simple 2 node mail load balanced cluster.
I have a mail server on each node and load balance between the two via a vip.
I'm not allowed to use the lvs-dr method as our network guys say that 
asynchronous routing is forbidden by our firewalls.

I can use lvs-nat, with a separate 'back-end' network between the two machines.
However the localnode behaviour forces the mail server (exim) to listen on the 
When the second node's mail server is migrated to the first node (pacemaker), 
it cannot be accessed as all connections go to the vip and hence the first mail 

It appears that there was some experimentation to address this some years ago, 
but I'm not sure if there have been any recent developments.
Apologies if this is a common question.

Best Regards

Dr Dean Scothern
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