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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] LVS + Database
Cc: YesGood <sayupirapo@xxxxxxxxx>
From: David Coulson <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 07:49:10 -0400
On 6/17/12 2:18 AM, YesGood wrote:
> Changed, now I prefer build a master-hot standby (read/write node-read 
> only node ) server for the load balancing cluster. It's possible send 
> request for both nodes for build load balance?
No, you only want to send connections to the read/write server, 
otherwise clients can't update data.
> With active/passive HA, I don't offer load balancing.
> I see about DRBD three-node setup.
> And also I thinking of the NAS shared-disk, but apparently that isn't
> compatible with the ocfs, neither with gfs.
> Which is the best choice for the shared data between databases server, and
> offer load balancing?
What are you trying to accomplish? Do you really need load balancing 
between two boxes, or would an active/standby database be enough. You 
say you want it for performance, but when a system dies you will need to 
be able to support your entire workload on one box.
> I listen of the HAProxy, that offer too load balancing. If I use HAProxy is
> equal to use LVS, and so I must choice between both. In this moment I don't
> know HAProxy.
There are a dozen ways to get requests from a client to multiple boxes. 
you have a database problem, not a load balancer problem.

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