Re: [rfc v2 00/10] ipvs network name space (netns) aware

To: Simon Horman <horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [rfc v2 00/10] ipvs network name space (netns) aware
Cc: lvs-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, netfilter-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Hans Schillstrom <hans.schillstrom@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@xxxxxxx>, Wensong Zhang <wensong@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 12:04:06 +0300 (EEST)


On Fri, 22 Oct 2010, Simon Horman wrote:

Hi Hans,

this is a re-base of your patch-set against the current nf-next-2.6 tree,
which includes all the changes currently queued for 2.6.37-rc1 and nothing

I also removed the BUG_ON() statements and incorported various
suggestions that were made in response to your original post.

It is compile tested only (partly because I am in an areoplane).

I have not re-split the patches into logical units.
Having worked with these patches a bit, I really think
that split needs to occur.

For the benefit of others, your original cover email is below,
updated as appropriate.


This patch series adds network name space (netns) support to the LVS.


This is version 2


The patch doesn't remove or add any functionality except for netns.
For users that don't use network name space (netns) this patch is
completely transparent.

No it's possible to run LVS in a Linux container (see lxc-tools)
i.e.  a light weight virtualization. For example it's possible to run
one or several lvs on a real server in their own network name spaces.
From the LVS point of view it looks like it runs on it's own machine.

Basic requirements for netns awareness
- Global variables has to be moved to dyn. allocated memory.

Most global variables now resides in a struct ipvs { } in netns/ip_vs.h.
What is moved and what is not ?

Some cache aligned locks are still in global, module init params and some 

Algorithm files they are untouched.

Drop rate in ip_vs_ctl per netns or grand total ?

        If different containers can have different memory limit
we should restrict their memory with per-ns limits
and variables, i.e. DoS logic per-ns.

Should more lock variables be moved (or less) ?

Include files,
A new file added include/net/netns/ip_vs.h containg all netns specific data.
include/net/net_namespce.h, pointer to "struct ipvs"  added.
include/net/ip_vs.h a new struct added, and many prototypes changed.

* ip_vs_core.c
All netns init origins from this file - ip_vs_init()

* ip_vs_conn.c
Lock array for conn table is kept due to performance,
(or am I wrong here ?).
"static struct ip_vs_aligned_lock
__ip_vs_conntbl_lock_array[CT_LOCKARRAY_SIZE] __cacheline_aligned;"

* ip_vs_ctl.c
drop_ rate is still global

        May be should be per-ns

This patch have been running for a month now with three LVS/machine
one in root name-space and two in other name-space.
Both IPv4 & IPv6 have been tested in all three modes DR/TUN and NAT
Only a limited set of algos have been used (read rr).

Backup have been there all the time and a switch has been performed a couple of 

Not tested yet:
Drop level, DOS,  schedulers, performance ....
Netns exit after usage of LVS (due to a bug in netdev/ipip somewhere tunl0 and

        Main points:

- May be we have to use global table for connections and to
filter by cp->net

- We have to use ip_vs_proto_data_get in many places where
pp = ip_vs_proto_get(protocol) was used. Then when pp
is needed we can use pd->pp->XXX

- tcp_timeout_change should work with the new struct ip_vs_proto_data
        so that tcp_state_table will go to pd->state_table
        and set_tcp_state will get pd instead of pp

- ipvs_skbnet must be used only for traffic after the
        check for !skb_dst(skb)

        Other notes:

rfc v2 01/10:
        set_state_timeout: infrastructure is there but never added
                to ipvsadm. If we keep it, it should be per-ns
        Functions that can use cp->net and do not need argument:

rfc v2 02/10

rfc v2 03/10
        ip_vs_conn_hash: use cp->net
        ip_vs_conn_unhash: use cp->net
        ip_vs_conn_fill_param_proto: use ipvs_skbnet(skb)
        ip_vs_conn_fill_cport: use cp->net
        ip_vs_try_bind_dest: use cp->net
        ip_vs_check_template: use ct->net
        ip_vs_conn_new: assign cp->net from p->net early before
                using it for ip_vs_bind_app, etc
        Why not using global ip_vs_conn_tab[], we have cp->net

rfc v2 04/10
        ip_vs_in_stats: use cp->net
        ip_vs_out_stats: use cp->net
        ip_vs_conn_stats: use cp->net
        ip_vs_sched_persist: use ipvs_skbnet
        ip_vs_schedule: use ipvs_skbnet
        handle_response_icmp: use ipvs_skbnet
        handle_response: use cp->net
        ip_vs_out: assign net with ipvs_skbnet after
                'if (unlikely(!skb_dst(skb)))' check
        ip_vs_in: assign net with ipvs_skbnet before if-block for
                ip_vs_in_icmp_v6 after skb_dst check
        ip_vs_sync_conn: use cp->net

rfc v2 05/10
        ipvs_skbnet will be used only from skbs containing traffic,
                i.e. replace dev_net(skb->dev) with ipvs_skbnet(skb)
                when used for traffic

rfc v2 06/10
        sysctl_drop_entry is per net but update_defense_level
                changes global ip_vs_dropentry?
        ip_vs_protocol_timeout_change: where is net? It must call
                pp->timeout_change for every struct ip_vs_proto_data
        ip_vs_genl_dump_services: DO NOT USE ipvs_skbnet, may be
                from skb->sk? sock_net(skb->sk) ?
        ip_vs_genl_dump_dests: DO NOT USE ipvs_skbnet
        ip_vs_genl_set_cmd: DO NOT USE ipvs_skbnet
        ip_vs_genl_get_cmd: DO NOT USE ipvs_skbnet

rfc v2 07/10

rfc v2 08/10
        ip_vs_ftp_out: use ipvs_skbnet
        ip_vs_ftp_in: use ipvs_skbnet

rfc v2 09/10
        register_ip_vs_proto_netns result is not checked in
        ah_esp_conn_in_get: use ipvs_skbnet
        ah_esp_conn_out_get: use ipvs_skbnet
        sctp_conn_schedule: use ipvs_skbnet
        set_sctp_state: use cp->net
        sctp_app_conn_bind: use cp->net
        tcp_conn_schedule: use ipvs_skbnet
        set_tcp_state: use cp->net
        tcp_app_conn_bind: use cp->net
        ip_vs_tcp_conn_listen: use cp->net
        udp_conn_schedule: use ipvs_skbnet
        udp_app_conn_bind: use cp->net
        udp_state_transition: use cp->net

rfc v2 10/10
        ip_vs_sync_conn: use cp->net
        ip_vs_nat_xmit*: ip_vs_conn_fill_cport should use cp->net


Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
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