Re: [PATCH] ipvs: add sync_persist_mode flag

To: Aleksey Chudov <aleksey.chudov@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ipvs: add sync_persist_mode flag
Cc: lvs-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 22:57:03 +0300 (EEST)

On Mon, 24 Jun 2013, Aleksey Chudov wrote:

> Hello,
> Pair of LVS servers with a modified kernel worked under load for several days
> without any problems.
> I completed several additional tests. I analyzed the traffic to the LVS
> servers using tcpdump. There is not SYN or RST packets spike at the time of
> migration of IP address. Thus, most of the connections have continued to
> operate normally. I also once again made sure that most of clients remain on
> the same real servers.
> Seems like sync_persist_mode combined with sloppy_tcp works fine.

        Thanks! I just posted the patch.


Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
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