ipvs ipv6 tunnel forwarding sets expires on local route

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Subject: ipvs ipv6 tunnel forwarding sets expires on local route
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From: Alex Gartrell <agartrell@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 00:03:23 -0700
So we've been debugging a problem for a while in 3.10 stable (we're currently upgrading from 3.2) and it appears that we're expiring and ultimately garbage collecting the local route for an ip we're adding to the loopback device, resulting in ICMPV6_NOROUTE errors for clients. I'd like your advice on how to fix this.

ipvsadm -R <<EOF
-A -t [face::1]:15213 -s ch
-a -t [face::1]:15213 -r 2401:db00:20:c001:face:0:45:0 -i

ip addr add dev lo face::1/128 || true

This simply sets up a v6 service in ipvs and adds a real server ip which is tunneling over ipip. This is important because this bug only affects tunneling mode.

Within ipvs, in tunneling mode, we do the following when checking the MTU in tunneling mode

        /* MTU checking */
        if (likely(!(rt_mode & IP_VS_RT_MODE_TUNNEL)))
                mtu = dst_mtu(&rt->dst);
        else {
                struct sock *sk = skb->sk;

                mtu = dst_mtu(&rt->dst) - sizeof(struct ipv6hdr);
                if (mtu < IPV6_MIN_MTU) {
                        IP_VS_DBG_RL("%s(): mtu less than %d\n", __func__,
                        goto err_put;
                ort = (struct rt6_info *) skb_dst(skb);
                old_flags = ort->rt6i_flags;
                if (!skb->dev && sk && sk->sk_state != TCP_TIME_WAIT)
ort->dst.ops->update_pmtu(&ort->dst, sk, NULL, mtu);

So if there's a socket associated with the skb and it's not in TCP_TIME_WAIT, we'll invoke the update_pmtu to ensure we generate appropriately sized packets.

commit 81aded2 "ipv6: Handle PMTU in ICMP error handlers" introduces the following.

@@ -1058,9 +1061,39 @@ static void ip6_rt_update_pmtu(struct dst_entry *dst, u32 mtu)
                        dst_metric_set(dst, RTAX_FEATURES, features);
                dst_metric_set(dst, RTAX_MTU, mtu);
+               rt6_update_expires(rt6, net->ipv6.sysctl.ip6_rt_mtu_expires);

The net result is that we end up setting an expiry on the local route. When we hit ip6_rt_mtu_expires, the route expires (and is later GC'ed). From that point forward we start ICMPV6_NOROUTE'ing packets in ip6_rcv_finish until the address is removed and reinstalled.

I've got a couple of (bad?) ideas on how to fix it. We could simply check rt6i_flags for (RTF_EXPIRES | RTF_CACHE) before setting expires. We could also check for RTF_LOCAL. Alternatively, cloning the rt and updating that might be an appropriate thing to do (in case the tunneled-to route increases its MTU). I'm *completely* open to suggestions :)

Thank you for your help,

Alex Gartrell <agartrell@xxxxxx>
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