Re: [GIT PULL nf] Second Round of IPVS Fixes for v3.18

To: Pablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [GIT PULL nf] Second Round of IPVS Fixes for v3.18
Cc: lvs-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, netfilter-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Wensong Zhang <wensong@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
From: Simon Horman <horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 10:59:02 +0900
On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 12:38:18PM +0100, Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 11:21:59AM +0900, Simon Horman wrote:
> > Hi Pablo,
> > 
> > please consider this fix for v3.18.
> > 
> > It fixes handling of skb->sk which may cause incorrect handling
> > of connections from a local process.
> > 
> > This problem was introduced in its current form by 8052ba292559f907e
> > ("ipvs: support ipv4 in ipv6 and ipv6 in ipv4 tunnel forwarding") in
> > v3.18-rc1.
> Pulled, thanks Simon.
> > I believe it also exists in a different form in older kernels.
> > No fix for that is available at this time.
> AFAIK -stable also accepts backports if there's a clear relation
> between this original patch in mainstream and the backported version.

Thanks. I will see about making one.
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