[PATCH 3/3] IPVS: add wlib & wlip schedulers

To: Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
Subject: [PATCH 3/3] IPVS: add wlib & wlip schedulers
Cc: Wensong Zhang <wensong@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Simon Horman <horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, lvs-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Chris Caputo <ccaputo@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 23:21:30 +0000 (UTC)
From: Chris Caputo <ccaputo@xxxxxxx> 

IPVS wlib (Weighted Least Incoming Byterate) and wlip (Weighted Least Incoming 
Packetrate) scheduler docs for ipvsadm-1.27.

Signed-off-by: Chris Caputo <ccaputo@xxxxxxx>
diff -upr ipvsadm-1.27-stock/SCHEDULERS ipvsadm-1.27/SCHEDULERS
--- ipvsadm-1.27-stock/SCHEDULERS       2013-09-06 08:37:27.000000000 +0000
+++ ipvsadm-1.27/SCHEDULERS     2015-01-17 22:14:32.812597191 +0000
@@ -1 +1 @@
diff -upr ipvsadm-1.27-stock/ipvsadm.8 ipvsadm-1.27/ipvsadm.8
--- ipvsadm-1.27-stock/ipvsadm.8        2013-09-06 08:37:27.000000000 +0000
+++ ipvsadm-1.27/ipvsadm.8      2015-01-17 22:14:32.812597191 +0000
@@ -261,6 +261,14 @@ fixed service rate (weight) of the ith s
 \fBnq\fR - Never Queue: assigns an incoming job to an idle server if
 there is, instead of waiting for a fast one; if all the servers are
 busy, it adopts the Shortest Expected Delay policy to assign the job.
+\fBwlib\fR - Weighted Least Incoming Byterate: directs network
+connections to the real server with the least incoming byterate
+normalized by the server weight.
+\fBwlip\fR - Weighted Least Incoming Packetrate: directs network
+connections to the real server with the least incoming packetrate
+normalized by the server weight.
 .B -p, --persistent [\fItimeout\fP]
 Specify that a virtual service is persistent. If this option is
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