off topic: backup strategy and mirroring

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Subject: off topic: backup strategy and mirroring
From: Benjamin Lee <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 10:20:04 +1000 (EST)
Hi LVS people,

I realise that this isn't the *most* appropriate place for this subject
but if anyone can point me to some nice information on the net... that
would be good too.

Given that you're all experts in HA and redundancy... you guys must have
heaps of experience with simple backups. ;-) Right? ;-)

So I just need to make a cold backup of a server... (or maybe hot, depends
on how things go) so I need to back it up almost exactly on another
computer and also to DAT. Both computers will be connected by 100Mbps
switched hub so I'm thinking it should be okay copying files across the
network (it should be secure ;->). I am just at the moment trying to
decide on the best way to copy the files over. Once the files are on the
second computer... I'm just going to tar to the DAT. Sound good?

Will eventually use Fake... to test how easily it is to bring in the
backup server.

Any suggestions/opinions?

Email directly, unless the list thinks that this is relevant.



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