the question for the reply IP packet?

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Subject: the question for the reply IP packet?
From: "王雅军" <wyj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 12:04:23 +0800
    Hi,everybody. I just read the document of LinuxVirtualServer. And I have one question: How can the server's packet with another sourceIP that is not his own IP arrive at the client? Why do the router of the server not discard this packet ? Let me describe this question by one example:
    one client(; several server in different network(have different netmask), one(, one(; distributor(
    1.client send a packet (sourceIP, targetIP to virtual server (,actually send it to distributor.
    2.distributor send packet to actual server( by IP tunnel (SIP, TIP, Virtual IP
    3.the server ( will send a reply packet(SIP, TIP to client( when it receive the IP packet by tunnel from distributor.
    So in step 3, when the router of receives the packet with sourceIP , it will discard it , then how can this packet go to the client? or You have method let the router not discard it? If server send this packet by his address , client will not recognize this packet as the virtual server's packet. Please tell me the answer if you have free time.
    Thanks for you.
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