Re: Virtual server support not present!!!

To: Anmol Sheth <anmol@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Virtual server support not present!!!
Cc: lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Joseph Mack <mack.joseph@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 14:16:44 -0400
> Anmol Sheth wrote:
> We downloaded the following IPVS patches for the 2.2.14 kernel
> i.e ipvs-0.9.12 to ipvs-0.9.7
> However when we patched a fresh copy of the kernel, which we got from
>, with all these patches, none of them gave the option for the
> Virtual server support in the Menuconfig in the Networking Options.

it's not obvious, you have to turn on something else first before the ipvs stuff
Here's a sample networking (from the next HOWTO).  
I forget which one is the required switch (masquerade?)


Compile the 2.2.x kernel and reboot.

     The actual kernel compile instructions will vary with
kernel patch number. Here's what I used for ipvs-0.9.9 on
kernel 2.2.15pre9 in the Networking options. The relevant
options are marked. Some of the options are not explicitely
required for LVS to work, but you'll need them anyhow - e.g.
ip aliasing if you need to constuct a director with only
one NIC, or tunneling if you are going to run VS-TUN. Until
you know what you're doing activate all of the options with
an '*' at the start of the line.

           [*] Kernel/User netlink socket
           [*] Routing messages
           < > Netlink device emulation
*          [*] Network firewalls
           [*] Socket Filtering
           <*> Unix domain sockets
*          [*] TCP/IP networking
           [*] IP: multicasting
           [*] IP: advanced router
           [ ] IP: policy routing
           [ ] IP: equal cost multipath
           [ ] IP: use TOS value as routing key
           [ ] IP: verbose route monitoring
           [ ] IP: large routing tables
           [ ] IP: kernel level autoconfiguration
*          [*] IP: firewalling
           [ ] IP: firewall packet netlink device
*          [*] IP: transparent proxy support
*          [*] IP: masquerading
           --- Protocol-specific masquerading support will be built as modules.
*          [*] IP: ICMP masquerading
           --- Protocol-specific masquerading support will be built as modules.
*          [*] IP: masquerading special modules support
*          <M> IP: ipautofw masq support (EXPERIMENTAL)
*          <M> IP: ipportfw masq support (EXPERIMENTAL)
*          <M> IP: ip fwmark masq-forwarding support (EXPERIMENTAL)
*          [*] IP: masquerading virtual server support (EXPERIMENTAL)
*          (12) IP masquerading VS table size (the Nth power of 2)
*          <M> IPVS: round-robin scheduling
*          <M> IPVS: weighted round-robin scheduling
*          <M> IPVS: least-connection scheduling
*          <M> IPVS: weighted least-connection scheduling
*          [*] IP: optimize as router not host
*          <M> IP: tunneling
           <M> IP: GRE tunnels over IP
           [*] IP: broadcast GRE over IP
           [*] IP: multicast routing
           [*] IP: PIM-SM version 1 support
           [*] IP: PIM-SM version 2 support
*          [*] IP: aliasing support
*          [*] IP: aliasing support
           [ ] IP: ARP daemon support (EXPERIMENTAL)
*          [*] IP: TCP syncookie support (not enabled per default)
           --- (it is safe to leave these untouched)
           < > IP: Reverse ARP
           [*] IP: Allow large windows (not recommended if <16Mb of memory)
           < > The IPv6 protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)

The default LVS table size (2^12 entries) originally meant 2^12 simultanous
connections. If you are editing the .config by hand look for
CONFIG_IP_MASQUERADE_VS_TAB_BITS. Each entry takes 128 bytes and 2^12 entries
requires 130kbytes. If you have 128M spare memory you can have 10^6 entries
if you set the table size to 2^20. (Note: not all connections are active -
some are waiting to timeout).

Joseph Mack PhD, Senior Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin
contractor to the National Environmental Supercomputer Center, 
mailto:mack.joseph@xxxxxxx ph# 919-541-0007, RTP, NC, USA

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