VS-DR arp problem on 2.4 kernels

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Subject: VS-DR arp problem on 2.4 kernels
From: Anushankar Elangovan <eas@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 00:56:58 -0700 (MST)
Hi all,
  I am setting up a VS-DR. I have the Director and the real servers on the
same hub, and use a common gateway router to go out to the internet. My
Director is running ipvs0.0.5 patched on kernel 2.4 (RH7.0). Right now the 
real servers are running kernel 2.2.16(RH 7.0 default), but I will 
upgrade it to 2.4

Again the arp question!!

I had gone through the documentation for preventing the arp problem, it had
mentioned about the 2.2 kernels and the 2.0 kernels but there was no
information about the 2.4 kernels. What is the easiest way to prevent the arp
problem in a 2.4 kernel? 

1)Is there a kernel patch like
there is for  the 2.2.x kernels? Is there anything like Julian's
arp_invisible sysctl in 2.4?

2) Can I configure the iptables to handle it? If so is it same as the Horms
method described in the Howto? (least preferred cos of the speed penalty)

3) I have spare NIC cards, if I just put that in and do a ifconfig xx.xx.xx.xx
up will that be enough? (I guess this should work across all kernel versions)
Or can I use dummy0 for the same purpose?


P.S: Where are these configure scripts mentioned in the howto, that take a
.conf file as input and configure ipvsadm?

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