Re: ooops on debian with 2.2.17

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Subject: Re: ooops on debian with 2.2.17
From: ratz <ratz@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 14:30:48 +0100
Hi Wiktor,

> debugged oops messages (bzip2'd, I think you mind getting a 200kb
> mail:-)) maybe some of you can help me. I also tried this on the other

You bzip2'd it, so it isn't that big.

> machines, with the same results. Even older kernel version (2.2.15 and
> 2.2.16 tested) crashed with the aproperiate patches. However, one of
> those machines didn't crash on boot but instantly after typing one of
> two commands into it - not any better.

Indeed, I've never seen such a funny trace but I don't read
traces that often. Could you please give us more information
about the used modutils and binutils? How did you invoke ksymoops?
Could you also provide your .config?

Roberto Nibali, ratz

BTW: Looking at the trace I don't think lvs is the only problem you
have. You have by far more fundamental problems ;)

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