Don't know where to turn

To: lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Don't know where to turn
From: Morten Niels Ole Henriksen <raix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:32:00 +0100
I've been on the list 2 months now, this is my first question, but
I don't think this question is directly related to this mail-list. 

Here goes:

How can I read data from the packets before sending them?
Can I direct packets to special locations depending on their content?

It's just a crazy idea, but I think it could be fun having a "mysql cluster" 
(one not depending on log files and stuff)

A possible setup could be (some real ASCII art:):
               |                                  |
         "Director" <-------> "The backup"
               |   mysql-nodes    |  | | | |
               |                         |
       "Writeonly"  ----> "readonly"

The "writeonly" mysql server gets all the "insert,delete..." altering 
commands. And only two "writeonly" servers should be required by a cluster 
(active+backup) this type should automaticly update the "readonly" servers.

The "readonly" mysql server gets all the "select, show..." reading commands.

Maybe the "director" could send all the altering sql to all the servers 
insted of an automatic update deamon running.

Maybe this ain't possible of the way the mysql protocol works?
(maybe the login should be sent too, but wouldn't help the reason for having 
that cluster)

Well lots of "maybe"'s, life is just a mind game...
P.S (I think linux and lvs rules, I've just configured a web cluster with two 
directors, four real-servers in one go. I didn't use your scripts insted I 
made my own, they are poorly written so I'll spare you the pain. I didn't 
know about virtual ips, chains or nat (direct,tunnel), Robin the round and 
least weighted. But that's all changed now. (except my poor english) I'm a 
happy man)
Regz. RaiX
aka Morten Henriksen
developer at intermedia

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