Re: newbie: troubles with lvs-NAT on same segment

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Subject: Re: newbie: troubles with lvs-NAT on same segment
Cc: Ken.Corey@xxxxxxxxxxx
From: "John Lukac" <johnl@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:08:31 -0800
Hey dude,

> -------+    <------------client  (WinNT 4.0)
>                        |
>          |
>        ------+    <------------director (Mandrake 7.1, .86 is
> real, the other two are aliases to the card.)
>          |
>                        |
>  ------------+    <------------realserver (Mandrake 7.1, will
> more eventually)
> 30.81 cannot ping 6.2 directly.  As near as I can figure, the routing
> and ipvsadm and ipchains are set up correctly...(see below for

My mail client doesn't do ascii pictures well, but from what looks like
what should be, you have stuff setup right.  Your NT client is not
supposed to be able to ping your internal real servers (unless you setup
tunneling or vpn or a routing gateway thing or something like that as
far as I know).  Anyway, I had problems directly forwarding actual ports
(especially https), but stuff eventually worked for me when someone here
suggested for me to use the firewall mark (fwm) rules for forwarding. 
If using ipchains, use the -m flag to mark stuff on www port.  It's
worth a shot *shrug*


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