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Subject: Re: How it is done?
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From: "Pat O'Rourke" <orourke@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 15:24:22 -0500
> In the LVS-direct Routing the virtual server takes care only of half 
> of the connection, the real server directly replies to the client without
> going through the virtual server.
> I was wondering how does the virtual server know that a connection is over
> does it timeout after a certain time? 

I believe this is how it works:

Packets from the client are always sent to the LVS director first.
This is because any arp requests sent by the client to the VIP will
only be responded to by the director (although the realservers think
they are the VIP, this interface does not respond to arp).  Thus any
packet from the client to the VIP ends up at the director.  Therefore
the director will see the FIN packets sent when the client closes the


Patrick O'Rourke

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