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Subject: Re: Deployment page
From: Wensong Zhang <wensong@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 11:00:27 +0800 (CST)
Hi Raj,

I am awfully sorry for this mistake. Will fix it right now.



On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Raj Dutt wrote:

> Hi Wensong,
> Thanks for putting our logo up on the LVS page! We really appreciate it.
> BTW, our company is not
> Also, if you could just say that it's in NY rather than at Abovenet NY it 
> would
> be better, we are running dark fiber out of Abovenet so we will have our own
> independent facility.
> Let us know if you need anything else! I hope the server is doing well.
> Later,
>  Raj.
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