RE: How to build lvs on kernel 2.4.5?

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Subject: RE: How to build lvs on kernel 2.4.5?
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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 18:40:29 -0700
RTFM.  EIther in the HOWTO or use the mail archive.

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> Subject: How to build lvs on kernel 2.4.5?
> i want to use a linux 2.4.5 box as director and two windows 2000
> as real servers. i patch the kernel with linux-2.4.5-ipvs-0.8.1.patch,
> but which version of ipvsadm should i install? where is the 
> explaination
> of the command parameters of ipvsadm? is there anything to
> do on windows 2000 besides setting the director as gateway? how to 
> make a linux box work as a gateway? should i check any kernel options
> or something else? now the two realservers can ping either two NICs
> on director, but cannot ping the outside computers. brief and clear
> suggestion is in need. i'm almost confused with the howto.
> thanks very much
> James
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