[Keepalived] Release 0.4.8

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Subject: [Keepalived] Release 0.4.8
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From: "Alexandre CASSEN" <alexandre.cassen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 17:31:52 +0100
Hi all,

I have just submit the new keepalived release 0.4.8. The main enhancement
is the VRRPv2 implementation with synchronization instance.

download link :

I have produce the following paper to explain the keepalived internals
implementation :

I will update the QuickStart guide to refresh it with the configuration
presented into the VRRP paper.

The ChangeLog for the release is :

2001-11-20  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
        * keepalived-0.4.8 released.
        * Rewrite the whole VRRP previous code.
        * VRRP : Created a hierarchic scheduling framework.
          Handle VRRP instances multiplexing on the same I/O fd.
          VRRP I/O events are handled by our global scheduling
          framework. Then the global sheduling framework call a VRRP
          I/O instance dispatcher to manage VRRP instances.
        * VRRP : Created a temporary socket pool to handle register
                 our VRRP thread instances.
          We create & allocate a socket pool here. The soft design
          can be sum up by the following sketch :

                 fd1  fd2    fd3  fd4          fdi  fdi+1
                 | ETH0 |    | ETH1 |          | ETHn |
                 +------+    +------+          +------+

          Here we have n physical NIC. Each NIC own a maximum of 2 fds.
          (one for VRRP the other for IPSEC_AH). All our VRRP instances
          are multiplexed through this fds. So our design can handle 2*n
          multiplexing points.
        * VRRP : Review the multicast socket creating. We bind the socket
          to a specific NIC. inbound & outbound traffic are bound to the
          => why IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP & IP_MULTICAST_IF doesnt set
             sk->bound_dev_if themself ??? !!!
             Needed for filter multicasted advert per interface.
          => For inbound binding we use SO_BINDTODEVICE kernel option.
        * VRRP : Created a read dispatcher thread to deal with our
          Handle VRRP states & transition states.
        * VRRP : Created a VRRP synchronization instance circuit. This
          functionnality gave you the ability to monitor VRRP instance
          each other. This mean that if 2 VRRP instances are monitoring
          themself and if one of this instance change state, the other
          follow the same state. ex.: With 2 VRRP instances (VI_1 & VI_2)
          if VI_1 become backup then VI_2 become backup too. (symetricly
          with master VRRP state).
        * VRRP : Rewrite the netlink interface to use non blocking socket.
        * VRRP : Rewrite the ipaddress handling to use the new netlink
        * VRRP : Remove the VRPP VMAC handling since linux kernel only
          permit to use one MAC address on a specific NIC. We use
          arp when setting up VRRP VIP, to uptade remote host arp caches.
          => In certain case this can cause a TCP session renegociation
             which can cause a permature session end.
          => To be fully compliant with the VRRP RFC, need to patch the
             kernel to gave it the possibility to deal with more than one
             MAC address at a time. Give me clue on it please ! to same me
             a little time :)
        * Starting VRRP documentation.
        * Patch a pidfile handling bug when forking the keepalived daemon.
          Thanks goes to Gianni D'Aprile for pointing it to me.
        * Patch a timer race condition into the scheduling framework.
          This bug caused tcpcheck to respawn quickly...
          Thanks goes to Gianni D'Aprile for pointing it to me.

All comments are Welcomes...

Best regards,

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