VRRP & OpenSource issue

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Subject: VRRP & OpenSource issue
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From: "Alexandre CASSEN" <alexandre.cassen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 10:12:52 +0100

I am sending this email to obtain some clarifications about patents on VRRP
protocol and application of this patents to OpenSource ?

I am from the LinuxVirtualServer OpenSource project

We have done a VRRP implementation to use with LVS, with a little RFC
modification adding a VRRP Instance synchronization facility (a monitored
circuit ala Nokia like). You can find internals implementation issue in
this paper :

but what about : &

And the 2 patents :
From CISCO :
From Nortel Network :

=> When We read this papers we can't find any OpenSource restrictions...

Can someone give me officials information on that point ?

Best regards,
Alexandre Cassen
LinuxVirtualServer OpenSource Project

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