Re: LVS (NAT) + Web Server on the same box

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Subject: Re: LVS (NAT) + Web Server on the same box
From: Gonzalo Servat <gonzalo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 21:33:52 +1100
Well, if I'm hosting, say, 20 virtual sites on 20 internal IP addresses then
I guess wouldn't work (they're not name-based, IP-based with SSL)

My problem was when you tried to connect the first time it would display the
main page of apache, and the second time it went off to the second server
and worked fine, then the third time it displayed the apache default page,
and so on (round robin with weight = 1 on both). 
Couldn't work out why! If I did a 'lynx' for
example on box 1 and 'lynx' on box 2, they both display 
the correct web-site!

++ 26/11/01 21:26 +1100 - horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx:

> Quoting Gonzalo Servat <gonzalo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Hi All
> > 
> > Probably a silly question but is it possible to do LVS + NAT + Apache on
> > the same box using round-robin style load balancing? (and of course a mirror
> > of the same box as the other LVS + NAT + Apache box)
> This should work just fine. Just set a local IP addresss (e.g.
> as one of the real servers when you set up LVS.
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