Re: recommendations for the 'one writer, many reader' problem?

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Subject: Re: recommendations for the 'one writer, many reader' problem?
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From: Paul Baker <pbaker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 29 Nov 2001 12:41:12 -0600
On Thu, 2001-11-29 at 08:10, Matthijs van der Klip wrote:
> Hi,
> Right now I'm using rsync to keep 4 lvs'ed webservers in sync with a
> seperate upload server, but I'm afraid rsync won't last me long. Does
> anyone have any recommendations to solve the 'one writer, many reader'
> problem given the following facts?:
> 1) A docroot of 5GB data, 275K files and growing...
> 2) Our current IRIX FastTrack server normally caches a maximum of 17.5K
>    files in 100Mb memory with a hit ratio of 90%.
> 3) The site has to be able to handle a total of 100K+ hits per minute.
> 4) No single point of failure, so if the upload server fails, the
>    webservers have to be able to access the data (failsafe).
> 5) We're looking for a more or less platform independant
>    solution. We might decide to use an IRIX upload server on a CXFS SAN
>    with Linux webservers.
> I have been looking at:
> 1) Rsync. What we're currently using on a much smaller docroot. 5Gb seems
>    too much to rsync.

How often does your data change? I have a similar LVS setup. 4 real
servers, 1 is the "master". We use rsync to replicate just under 50GB of
data on our machines. Our use of rsync is PFARS project at which has yet to make a release,
but there is always CVS.

Paul J. Baker                                Internet Systems Developer

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