Re: Running multiple services on one real-server

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Subject: Re: Running multiple services on one real-server
From: "Brett Johnson" <mlipvs@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 17:51:33 -0600
It is probably the easiest way to give it a shot (if you call anything HA

I think there was also a link to it on:
as a standalone package.

ldirectord works pretty well with http and ftp, but I've seen bugs if you
are going to try and do anything UDP (like DNS).

B++ / K90, Inc.

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On 12/19/01, at 4:23 PM, Bruce Pennypacker wrote: 

>> If in doubt, try ldirectord. It also does adding/removing real servers
>according to their availability (really useful if you want to fully benfit
>of loadbalancing). Config is quite easy.
>What is ldirectord?  I don't see it on either of our lvs servers and don't
>see it mentioned on the software page of the website.
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