Re: Verification of Plan

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Subject: Re: Verification of Plan
From: "James Reggio" <jreggio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 11:16:55 -0500

These are the *.conf scripts that you use in Joseph Mack's 
configuration script/program.  You can get his program and all at

This is not going to be a real server that is going to actually 
serve something; it is part of a Science Fair project I'm doing.  
I'm testing to see which communications topology (NAT, IP-TUN, or 
DR) performs the best.  In order for it to work, I need to use the 
same computer topology for each one - only changing the 
communications topology.  If this isn't really going to serve 
anybody, do I still need to worry about the ARP problem?

Thank You so much.

James Reggio
Adventure World Technology
Fellowship Church 

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