Problems recognizing director

To: lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Problems recognizing director
From: Jason Wies <jason@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 23:52:45 -0500
I've gotten all the way through the setup process for LVS, and put the servers 
into what I believe should be a working mode, but all of the requests still go 
to directly to one server, bypassing the director.  Here is my setup (fake 

Mode: VS-DR

                |          | eth0: (RIP)
                | Director | eth0:0: (VIP)
                |          |
              |                                  |
              |                                  |
        +--------------+                  +--------------+
        |              |                  |              |
        | Realserver 1 |                  | Realserver 2 |
        |              |                  |              |
        +--------------+                  +--------------+

        eth0: (RIP)       eth0: (RIP)
        dummy0: (VIP)     dummy0: (VIP)

Kernel configs:
  + 2.4.12
  + linux-2.4.12-ipvs-0.8.2.patch
  + hidden-2.4.5-1.diff
  + /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/*/hidden NOT set

Realservers 1 and 2
  + 2.4.16
  + hidden-2.4.5-1.diff
  + /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/dummy0/hidden set

I've tried various ipvsadm configurations, with the same results (including 
specify only one server to balance to).  Here is a simple config:

-A -t vip:www -s rr
-a -t vip:www -r real_server_1:www -g -w 1
-a -t vip:www -r real_server_2:www -g -w 1

When requests are sent to the VIP (, real_server_1 always 
answers.  ipvsadm connections statistics always show 0.  When I ping from another machine in the subnet and do an "arp -a", the RIP 
for both real_server_1 and director show up, but no entries for the VIP.  
real_server_1 would show up in the arp cache anyways, however, so this may not 
be the best test.

So basically it appears that real_server_1 is not answering ARP requests for 
the VIP, the director never sees the traffic (at least not through ipvsadm and 
tcpdump doesn't show it either), yet all requests are getting to real_server_1. 
 I've spent a considerable amount of time setting this up (read _lots_ of 
docs), but I'm not sure where to proceed with this.  Any help is appreciated.

Jason Wies aka Zone

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