Re Re: Problems compiling ipvs-0.8.2

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Subject: Re Re: Problems compiling ipvs-0.8.2
From: "khiz nms" <khiznms@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 30 Dec 2001 13:47:11 -0000
hi all
i just had a skimp look at the howto and it has posed the foll questions for me

in the LVS-TUN mode ..if thereal servers are in seperate geographic subnets and 
if none of them r i n the same subnet as the  director , do i need to worry abt 
the \ARP problem
if  im lvs ing a telnet service , can a client telnet to the telnetd on the 
director .. 
also a normal workstation sayhaving p3 550 mhz with 256 megs ram ,,will it 
suffice for the NAT  mode of operation for abt 20 backend squid servers??

i already have a cisco LD .. i need geographical load balancing however ......



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