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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 09:25:46 +0100
Check out RedHat's kickstart scripting tool, you just tell it to use nfs (ugh), and configure a post-install script to setup configuration options, stick the floppy in the machine, boot, and goto the next machine. Very usefull to re-create the same setup, if you ever need to re-install the machines. If you need package updates, just stick the new package in the install dir on the NFS server, and the kickstart script will use that one instead :-)

Hope this helps


At 04:57 31-1-2002, you wrote:
Hi gang,

Sorry to go off-topic here!  I'm looking for a "cloning" software that will
allow me to roll-out 2.4 (redhat gimped version) + ext3 + grub to a farm of
machines in a month or two.  Currently we are running 2.2 + ext2 + lilo.

So far I have found two options -
Norton Ghost ($$).

Thoughts? - much thanks for your time


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