Almost working, but not quite

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Subject: Almost working, but not quite
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From: Michael Jervis <michael.jervis@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 14:18:39 -0000
I'm nearly there with configuring my two-box LVS-DR system, thanks in no small 
part to the invaluable help of Sebastien.

I'm currently set up with a single director on machine 1, with a localnode 

Machine 1 (Director + localnode):

eth0: (DIP/RIP)
eth0:1 (VIP)

IP Virtual Server version 1.0.4 (size=65536)
Prot LocalAddress:Port Scheduler Flags
  -> RemoteAddress:Port           Forward Weight ActiveConn InActConn
TCP rr
  ->            Local   1      0          1         
  ->            Masq    1      0          1 

Machine 2 (realserver):


I've used the MasarLabs NoArp module provided by Sebastien to solve the ARP 

The system 'works', but all responses come from Machine 1. Machine 2 never 
manges to serve an HTML page to the client ( I can ping machine 
1, machine 2 and VIP from the 48 machine. I can telnet on port 80 to machine 1 
and machine 2 from the client. I can ping the client from machine 2
and machine 1, and can ping machine 1 and machine 2 from each other. Further, 
from machine 1 and machine 2 I can telnet to all three IP addresses on port 80 
(Machine1:80, Machine2:80 and VIP:80) and get a correct response. (On the VIP 
all responses are from the same machine, i.e. machine 1 telnet to
vip and get machine 1 all the time).

The only problem is when requesting the VIP from the client, I always get the 
machine 1. On Machine2's time it fails to connect via telent, and the browser 
eventualy resends the request and gets Machine 1.

I tried moving the VIP from eth0:0 on machine 1 to lo:0 on machine 1 and the 
same thing happens.

I'm hoping it's something stupid that I've overlooked in my set up due to the 
time pressures and my total lack of networking know-how. Any advice would be 
greatly appreciated.

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