Re: persistant connections

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Subject: Re: persistant connections
From: Roberto Nibali <ratz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 08:26:52 +0200

IP Virtual Server version 1.0.4 (size=65536)
Prot LocalAddress:Port Scheduler Flags
  -> RemoteAddress:Port           Forward Weight ActiveConn InActConn
TCP wlc persistent 14400
-> Route 200 369 1000 -> Route 200 371 1249 -> Route 200 370 1166 -> Route 200 330 2948

Looks ok basically. You've got a quite high persistency timeout, though.

De probleem is that som of our users jump from one server to another. We have thought about the AOL probleem but in our logs we can see that users with probleems have the same ip. Could there be a glitch somewhere?

Could you please be more specific about jumping from one server to another? In which timeframe does this happen? Can you reproduce it reliably? Let's say A connects to you service, get redirected to server 1, and then he reconnects after lets say 5 Minutes. According to you does it occur that then he'll not be forwarded to server 1 anymore?

You can have a look at the connection templates (port 0 templates) and their timeouts. If a template times out (hardly possible with your setup) this might happen.

Roberto Nibali, ratz
echo '[q]sa[ln0=aln256%Pln256/snlbx]sb3135071790101768542287578439snlbxq'|dc

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