Re: problem is using lvs

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Subject: Re: problem is using lvs
From: "Aihua Liu" <liuah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 13:5:13 +0800
>Hai experts!
>  I am using linux 2.4.18. I have patched it with
>lvs-1.0.4 version. I have then reconfigured the
> Now my kernel supports ipvs.
> Also the lsmod command shows,(after starting some
>Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
>ip_vs_rr                1572   1  (autoclean)
>iptable_filter          2412   0  (autoclean) (unused)
>ip_tables              17592   1  [iptable_filter]
>ip_vs                  86232   2  (autoclean)
> Then I have installed the ipvsadm-1.21 version.
> I have then used the configuration,
>-A -t -s rr -p 360
>-a -t -r -m -w 1
>-a -t -r -m -w 1
>To elaborate,
>  On director,
>     eth0:
>     eth0:1
>     default gateway:
>  On realserver1,
>     eth0:
>     default gateway:
>  similarly on realserver2.
> When I am trying to use the service(http) on a
>  it is giving the message:
>    Connection failed
>  (110) connection timed out
>    The remote host or network may be down.
>  Some more information is,
>  Iam able to ping from the client( to 
>    VIP,DIP,RIP's
>  The /sbin/ipvsadm shows the connections are inactive
>   Iam not able to see the web pages
>  Please help me!
Have you open ip_forward and closed icmp send_redirects?
Because you VIP, DIP and RIP are at the same network. I 
suggest you use RIP at a different network with VIP, such 
as 172.31.50.*. 

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