Client access through nat to LVS (reused ports)

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Subject: Client access through nat to LVS (reused ports)
From: Matthias Krauss <MKrauss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 13:51:32 +0100
Not sure if this works at all, we have a LVS DR WRR with persistant
timeout of 1 hour configured, going good so far. 
Now more and more clients/coorporates are accessing the LVS through 
NAT with the result that the load is not equal anymore. 

The config/surrent connx. looks like:
FWM  5 wrr persistent 3600
  ->                  Route   100    29         24
  ->                  Route   100    46         11
  ->                  Route   100    30         26

The connection table looks like:
TCP 14:52  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1173
TCP 14:58  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1049
TCP 14:48  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1133
TCP 14:41  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1179
TCP 14:53  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1194
TCP 14:31  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1353
IP  59:57  NONE        212.166.x.y:0
TCP 00:07  CLOSE       212.166.x.y:1106
TCP 06:40  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1150
TCP 14:53  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1136
TCP 00:04  CLOSE       212.166.x.y:2379
TCP 14:49  ESTABLISHED 212.166.x.y:1135

is it somehow possible to have those clients distibuted to all realservers's
DirectRouting ?

thx Matthias
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