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Subject: RE: lvs-rrd
From: "Easytrans Systems (Laurie Baker)" <lvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 20:31:04 -0000
Just my 2p (or $2 or 2 Euro ....)

>Uh... no idea. Lets see... Nagios is a monitoring tool (from what I've
>seen in the past minute. Never heard of it before). I guess it
>integrates rrd in some way.

Nagios is a monitoring tool correct! in its previous life it was called
Netsaint, www . netsaint . org .

I/we use it on and it does all the things that Big Brother does
and probably more, it can simply monitor by sending requests to various
ports on its client hosts (sorry that's probably not the best description)
or with plug-in's (that you can write yourself) it will run in client server
mode with the client listening for requests from the Nagios server to kick
off a monitoring process and returning its results to the server for

Ok its been a quite few months/years since I/we set it up but its well worth
the effort needed if you want some cool monitoring. We stuck with the last
release of Netsaint just as Nagios was being re-written (I think) and the
only niggles we had were resolved with a re-write of some of the html
displays (we added a random url process so that the rather static status
page we usually displayed did not continue to burn-in "or is it burn-out"
our 48" Plasma wall monitor in the labs) one of the draw backs of having a
stable environment is having constant green lights on your monitoring

BTW, I/we refers to Myself and my colleague (and brother) Vince Baker.

As for rrd I've no idea :¬)

Hope this helps.

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