[ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.1.5

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.1.5
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From: Alexandre Cassen <Alexandre.Cassen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 00:14:26 +0100
Hi All,

Just this quick popup to tell that I have just published the new release. ChangeLog looks like :

2004-01-25  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
        * keepalived-1.1.5 released.
        * Joseph Mack, <mack.joseph@xxxxxxx> wrote keeplived manpages
          in doc/man/man5/keepalived.conf.5 and doc/man/man8/keepalived.8.
        * VRRP : Tsuji Akira, <tsuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> fixed a length
          issue while testing password field for auth_pass method.
        * VRRP : Willy Tarreau, <willy@xxxxxxxxx> fixed a quick loop
          in the watchdog timer thread.
        * VRRP : Willy Tarreau, <willy@xxxxxxxxx> extended scheduler
          to support stable scheduling time. There is now, only one
          time source updated before and after scheduling event. This
          solve sliding timer observed on some env, also known as
          periodically flapping issue (sometime a VRRP election is
        * VRRP : Willy Tarreau, <willy@xxxxxxxxx> updated the default
          media link failure detection strategy to perform a ioctl
          ifflags even if NIC driver are supporting MII or ETHTOOL.
          Some buggy drivers need this. Anyway the linkwatch patch
          still the best solution to support efficient and scalable
          media link failure detection.
        * Some cosmetics clean-up, removed some dead files, updated
          autoconf and Makefile prototypes to support dependencies
          libs like kerberos for RedHat/Fedora distro. To compile
          keepalived properly on redhat 9 box, for example, run :
          CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/kerberos/include" && ./configure
          Renamed keywords lb_kind to lvs_method and lb_algo to
          lvs_sched. For compatibility reasons, old keywords are still

All comments are welcome,

Best regards,

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