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> If you're using heartbeat for director failover (think this is what hb
> is used for), keepalived can also do that for you.
> Keepalived uses ip_vs for load-balancing (this should be what ldirectord
> is doing for you right now) so you would have a single point of
> configuration.
> If you are familiar with the ipvsadm configuration and already dealt
> with failover, read "man keepalived.conf" and you should be set up in
> very short time.
> Leon Keijser wrote:
> > Okay, thanks for the responses so far (and so quickly too!). I will give
> > keepalived a shot. Last question: right now i'm using LVS-DR in
> > with ldirectord and heartbeat. Should i drop all this and start over
> > keepalived, or can i simply replace/add something?
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