Re: snmptrapd?

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Subject: Re: snmptrapd?
From: Andrés Cañada <acanada@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 18:24:31 +0100
Thanks for your answer. I'd like it to be so easy but I'm afraid it isn't. In 
my case I need to know the ip of the falling node and then trigger a script 
that makes something with the rest of the nodes (I need to modify the setup a 
mpi universe).
It seems to be possible to do this since the ip of the falling node is 
received via mail.
Any ideas?
Should I need to use snmptrapd??
Thank you very much

El Lunes, 28 de Noviembre de 2005 16:10, kwijibo@xxxxxxxxxx escribió:
> Andrés Cañada wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > I have a cluster working with heartbeat and ldirectord, systemimager,
> > ganglia and mon. It's working nice already (thanks to everybody in this
> > list!). I use Mon to monitor the cluster nodes with snmpd.
> > When one of the criteria is positive, then Mon sends me an alert to my
> > mail. That's great!!
> > But now I'd like to be able to capture that sign sended by Mon to run a
> > script. I don't know if I'm explaining well. When ,in example, a node
> > fails to a ping-check, I'll receive an e-mail notification, but I'd like
> > also to be able to capture this signal to run a script.
> > Can anybody tell me if snmptrapd is ideal for this issue to solve?
> > Is there a HOWTO for this?
> >
> > thank you very much and sorry for my english.
> > Andres
> Why don't you just write your own alert script for Mon and
> have Mon run it?
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