Re: Help with ip_vs_ctl.c~ipvs-deadlock-fix patch and RedHat ES 4

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Subject: Re: Help with ip_vs_ctl.c~ipvs-deadlock-fix patch and RedHat ES 4
From: Roberto Nibali <ratz@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 09:23:13 +0100
Sébastien BONNET wrote:
It looks like I need to apply this patch to the kernel, ... which has been included in the kernels.

... if your oops really is related to the bug report you've mentioned

It is ! I had these kernels panics fixed using the mentionned patch (attached), which is NOT in 2.6.10 (at least RH's 2.6.10)

Sorry, I'm not convinced. Care to explain how you can deduce from his two line oops _and_ his description that he's seeing the same issue as you were?

His partial kernel report:

Kernel panic: not syncing: fs/block_dev.c:396: spin_lock
(fs/block_dev.c:c035fc40) already locked by fs/block_dev.c/440

Note, I'm not saying that this patch should not be included, by all means; all I'm asking for is hard facts and these are missing. Anyway, RH will soon release a new RHEL update, which will make sure the aforementioned patch is included. Upstream is already fixed.

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